Best Sugar Daddy Websites & Apps For Sugar Babies

Best Sugar Daddy Websites & Apps Free For Sugar Babies

Top 10 List - Updated in Set 2020

It is highly likely you have heard of the words, “sugar baby,” “sugar daddy,” and rarely, “sugar mama.”

The terms have made national news, and the majority of the “sugar babies” are college students, mostly ladies, looking for someone to help them with their monetary needs – bills, tuition, activities and more.

In return, the “sugar daddy” gets companionship, dates and if negotiated between the two, a sexual relationship. It is the last thing that the majority of sugar daddies seek babies.

The reason the sugar relationships are so popular within the collegiate students is simple – they are often crippled under debts from student loans, rent, bills and credit cards. Most of them are trying to live a life well above their means but struggle to meet ends. As college students, they lack most any practical applicable skills for gainful employment as well as time – full time students. To that end, these students work out a relationship with a sugar daddy.

This relationship has existed for time immemorial. The rise of the Internet means the opportunities for babies and daddies to find one another makes it easy and quick. Websites abound for those looking for these specific relationships. However, the sheer number of websites available means there are good and bad sites. Some sites are regularly updated, have excellent search options and are secured with the latest security technologies.

What follows is a review of what are considered the best of the best Sugar Daddy websites (best sites free for student sugar babies, best sites to make money without meeting, most valuable for sugar daddies, etc). These are reviews only, and this website does not support or give preference to any of these sites. Use personal judgement and discretion when electing to start a sugar relationship.

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Sugar Daddy Meet

The Most Valuable Website For Male Sugar Daddies

One of the freshest and most established Sugar Daddy sites on the Internet is This site has plenty of eligible daddies and babies looking for a potentially successful arrangement agreements. The site has been around since 2007 and has an enormous number of registered members – daddies and babies alike.

The site features relationships that are 100 percent heterosexual. There are no same sex relationships on Also unlike other sites, works strictly with the top 20 wealthiest countries in the world. This means options are high for successful relationships from members who have been vetted to a large degree.

Memberships – Members, particularly the sugar daddies, are verified and vetted with photographs of a driver’s license or passport picture.

Basic memberships are free. Access to the majority of the site is extremely limited, however. A full membership is necessary to access the rest of the site. Members are assessed a monthly fee.

PROS – Large number of possibilities. Simple and friendly interaction. Verified memberships for both parties. Safe and secure to ensure absolute privacy of all members.

CONS – The membership fee is substantial. A discount is offered for a multi-month subscription. There are also fees for making contact. Memberships are set up by tiers – Gold being the highest and most expensive.

FINAL OPINION – One of the best options for both daddies and babies. The verification program ensures a degree of safety and protection for all members. The number of potential relationships is very high as well, giving members an excellent pool to draw from.

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The World's Largest Sugar Daddy Website

Those seeking a relationship outside of male and female should take a look at is not only for standard sugar relationships but also for those seeking same sex relationships. also has a section for sugar mommas, albeit much less commonly found.

The membership is varied and large. Over 130 countries participate, with the largest number of participants coming from the U.S. and the U.K. The U.S. is almost triple the number of members than the U.K.

The basic membership, like most of these sites, is free. The free access only allows the most fundamental elements of the site. As you may realize, this is done on purpose – free accounts do not generate profit. Memberships are sold by the month, with multimonth purchases providing a bit of savings.

PROS – The fact the site is open to other relationships outside of standard heterosexual relationships is the largest benefit. The incredible numbers of members has its advantages also.

CONS – Like most of these sites, the sheer number of fakes abound. The fact there is a large number of same sex seekers means members have to be careful and exercise caution when looking for a potential relationship.

FINAL OPINION – This is the de facto site for those who are interested in a same sex relationship or looking for a sugar momma. The sheer number of members on the site mean most anyone can find what they are looking for and within a decent radius of their current home and location.

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Bid on Dates With Sugar Babies

The same person who built the highly successful Seeking Arrangement is the brains behind WhatsYourPrice. It is not a strictly sugar daddy/sugar baby website, although potential is there.

This can loosely considered a dating site similar to the other sites. Members bid on the opportunities available in addition to paying the cost of the date proper. It is dating based on haggling prices. Dating opportunities exist for men and women.

Memberships are like all the others. Supply some fundamental information, some personal information like body style and income and a good picture. You select between the ‘getting paid’ or ‘bidding for’ dating. All dates start at $125.00 and go up from there.

Most of the members on the site are U.S. university females looking for tuition and a lifestyle they feel they deserve, or to put it bluntly, “A champagne lifestyle on a cheap beer budget.” This is not always the case, but the overwhelming numbers point to it.

PROS – Most of the website is free. If you are interested in contacting individuals, you must purchase ‘credits.’ Credits allow uses to make bids and send messages to other members. Your first date is guaranteed.

CONS – You are limited to 20 characters for your date description. This is not a great deal of space. Like many other sites, this one abounds with bots.

FINAL OPINION – Many are happy with their memberships. Since it is not a set sugar daddy/baby relationship site, it may appear to a larger audience. Dating only may be an appeal as well, since members are not always looking for long term.

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Affair & Casual Dating With Sugar Babies

“Life is short. Have an affair.” This was the motto of, a site set up in 2001 as a way to have affairs outside of standard relationships and a great location for sugar daddies and babies to find one another. The breach in 2015 and subsequent fallout with naming members effected many, including one of a famous television family.

Memberships are free. Select your preferences, and start browsing. There are lots of options for varied sexual orientations from straight to anything goes (legal). Choose long, short, chat, cyber and more for potential relationships. Add your personal stats. Enjoy your opportunities available to you.

The idea of an affair was the original idea, but the site has since expanded into opportunities for users looking to experiment or sow some wild oats. The membership has rebounded somewhat since the 2015 breach, but the numbers are miniscule compared to pre 2015.

Credits are how users connect. The introductory plan is $49.00/month with 100 credits for chat and communication. The premium plan is $249.00/month with credits costing users $0.24/each.

PROS – Since the security breach, member privacy is the best of the best. Sign up is free. Communication is abundant.

CONS – The number of bots, fake AI profiles, are significant. These bots bait users into chats and spending credits, necessitating the purchase of addition credits. Also since the breach, the information available is limited.

FINAL OPINION – The bots on the site can be somewhat annoying because users end up spending their credits on dead ends. Those looking for a serious sugar daddy/baby relationship would do well to give this site a look with reservations on chats with absolutely anyone.

Free Dating App for Millionaires, Cougars Seeking Secret Benefit Arrangements

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For Seeking Secret Benefits Relationship With Sugar Daddies

This site is a standard sugar daddy and sugar baby website. What separates itself from the rest of the options out there are two major elements:

The site does not have memberships. Instead, those who register for an account buy credits and use credits to communicate. This site is more income based than the other sites, and a certain degree of spending is tacitly recommended for members. 10 credits is less than a daily coffee, but 10 credits does not allow users to do much. Better benefits are available to those who spend the money for it. This difference may help the sugar daddy find his baby a bit easier and vice versa.

Sign up is free. The membership will not allow a user to do much of anything, naturally, so purchasing credits is necessary. 1,000 credits is $59.00 with prices going up from there. The per chip price lowers the more purchased. There is no wealth verification like on other sites. The can be a real boon for the sugar daddy and a drawback for the sugar baby.

Some of the profiles on this site are escorts and not so much looking for a date. These are strictly prohibited, but it is the Internet and possible. Bots were an issue previously, but site updates have fixed this problem.

PROS – Credit system without needing to start a monthly membership. Photographs are required to limit the number of bots. Sugar baby memberships, like on most sites, are free of charge.

CONS – The free membership is considerably more limited than on other sites. Credits are about the only way to do anything of note on the site. There is also not a mobile app. This is something that many lament and wish would happen.

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